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It's about time for a review of the breathtaking new micro 4/3rds lens I ordered

Review: LUMIX 20mm f/1.7 Lens Dec 16, 2012 5:43pm UTC
As promised, I'll write a review for the new lens I got for anyone who might still be on the fence like I was.

I've had the lens for a little over a month now, and I can honestly say that the only reason I've put the kit lens (14-42mm) back onto my camera body was to make comparisons... not to take photos. Somehow, in spite of the absence of a variable focal length, I find this lens more versatile than the 14-42mm. I can shoot everything I could before, along with a slew of new things that seem to have been "unlocked" by attaching this lens. I've even had a go at family portraits, which came out decently for a first attempt.

It's sort of like you're playing Call of Duty and you unlock some ridiculous achievement which makes you feel better about yourself and like you've now got something new to show off. And when you sit back and look at how beautiful this lens can make your photos, you'll realize that it really is a good comparison.

I mean come on. Look at these cookies. Isn't that what made you click this post in the first place? The shallow depth of field created at f/1.7 gives you the ability to draw focus to the exact spot you want. That is hands down my favorite feature of this lens. The best part about those two images is that I didn't even need a tripod or a long exposure to take them. This lens is just *that* versatile.

Okay how about something that I don't like:
Auto-focusing does take a bit longer than the 14-42mm, but I think that happens for three reasons: 1) The focus range is larger. The 20mm lens will focus on subjects as close as eight inches, while you'd have to back away an extra four inches to get the kit lens to focus; 2) I find myself photographing the less-than-ideally-lit places that I would shy away from before, and of course it's going to be harder to focus in a lower light scenario; and 3) The lens is literally half the size of the old one. I mean come on. What more do you want?

Closing thoughts:
Go buy one. It's a chunk of money, but it's well worth it.
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