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The Beryl Harvtronix PC design is going to become a reality!

New Project! (Project Beryl) Feb 11, 2013 1:46am UTC
The Beryl design of the Harvtronix PC is going to become a reality!! Hugely excited. I'm going to keep the specs EXTREMELY modest, leaving lots of room for future upgradeability. The goal is to keep the cost of the entire project under $250. Keeping that in mind, there will be a select few parts included that I already have on hand. Those parts will include a 6-foot power cord to connect to the power supply and a 500GB 2.5" hard drive extracted from a laptop during an upgrade operation (replaced with a 128GB SSD).

I'm being much more methodical about this build, and I anticipate this to be the most precise Harvtronix PC yet. Step 1 of that process was actually to make a 3-D model of the PC-to-be. Here's a look:

The cutout in the front is merely for illustration purposes of the interior contents. I'm really excited about the features this case will have to offer. The top will open up on a hinge against the rear wall like in previous designs, but upon opening, the accent lighting will fade out and interior LED lighting will turn on to light up the components inside.

In addition to that, the front wall will be on a hinge with the bottom piece, allowing all of the walls (minus the rear) to open completely for simple access during upgrades.

As always, project updates will be coming soon.
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