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My latest endeavor is the creation of a low-fi RPG computer game. A huge undertaking, but I'm up for the challenge in 2014!

New Project! (Project Dude Man) Jan 13, 2014 4:30am UTC
So back in college, I started creating a simple event-driven RPG computer game with a main character named "Dude Maen", the name being an inside joke dating back to high school. I got decently far in it, having a level/map system, an inventory, interactive battle scenes, etc... You know, some of the essentials for any RPG.

But I never really finished it.

In December, after hearing about the success that Ejbloo had working with the libgdx framework, I decided to give it a shot. I was really quite surprised by how easy it became to "revamp" my old game into the start of a new one, now called "The Adventures of Dude Man" or just "Dude Man" for short (or TADM of you're feeling sassy ;) ).

I'm hoping to get even further than before with this new and improved rewrite, and the libgdx framework is doing a lot to help me out. The cool part for you is that you can track the progress of the game as I post new builds incorporating new features.

New progress posted here: harvtronix.com/dudeman

You'll need Java 7 in order to run the game. I hope you enjoy following the progress as much as I'll be enjoying creating it! Perhaps this will be my goal for 2014... Make a real game!
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