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We all value security, but it can be a huge pain coming up with passwords that meet the obscure requirements of many websites these days

How To Easily Make Your Passwords More Secure Aug 27, 2014 2:17pm UTC
To some degree, we all value our digital security and privacy. Some more than others.

I think to nearly the same amount though, we all dread having to remember or write down various obscure passwords containing at least one uppercase letter, a non letter that's not the first or last character, and having a length of at least [insert high number here].

Fortunately, there's a relatively simple way for you to strengthen your password while reducing the painful overhead of a longer, more complex one. And here it is:

Old Password Example: pa5sw0rd
New Password Examples: (pa5sw0rd) pa5s(w0rd) [pa5sw0rd]

That's right. Enclose the whole thing (or even just part of it) in parentheses or square brackets. This method adds length and complexity and is fairly easy to remember if you think, "Hmm well it wasn't 'pa5sw0rd'... let me try '(pa5sw0rd)'.

Most websites should be tolerant of a password starting or ending with a symbol. Programmatically, there is literally no reason for a website to restrict the character positions in which you can use a symbol, but I'd be interested to know if you find any websites that do. I'd like to reach out to them and ask for their reasoning.

Oh, and one last note. If the website in question doesn't allow you to use symbols in your passwords, they obviously don't value your privacy enough. I'd avoid them at all costs.

...There's always this solution as well :)
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