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I launched a website dedicated to helping video game speed runners track their records and run times

Launched SpeedRuns.co Web Site Dec 18, 2014 11:00pm UTC
Though this project took only a few months from conception to launch, it is one of the most sophisticated websites that I've ever created.

The site allows users to basically log speed runs (extremely quick and often glitchy runs through classic video games, such as Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and track records against other users who compete in the same categories.

I tried really hard to create a visually-appealing user interface with a very modern look. With a lot of input from others, I think I came pretty close! There are definitely aspects of the UI that I'm not completely enthralled with, but for the most part, it's a step in the right direction for my UI competency.

This is also the first site that I've ever launched in full-SSL. Meaning that the entire site is meant to be browsed via https (secure connection) to help ensure trust in the user base. There have been similar sites with serious security concerns in recent history, which can be detrimental to site reputation.

Lastly, the site has a completely functional and user-friendly dashboard, which is available to moderators and site admins. This allows them easy access to tools, like the ability to update data or rules, as well as flagging/rejecting runs that are considered invalid based on a given category's rules.

Stop by the site and have a look!

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