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Downloadable creations
Gamer Syndrome (song)
My first full-length techno/electronic music creation. Completely different song-writing and recording process than the songs I typically write.
Recorded: 2013-4-24

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Background - Light Painting
A custom background for you to use. Created using "light painting" as described here:

Artifact, feature and defect version control for whatever software you may be working on. Requires Java 6 or higher.

Run using: java -jar HArtifax1.0.jar
View in a browser with: http://your.host.name.or.ip:1939/

(Free, single-user version)
The Talk (song)
It's time to go face the boss for the talk!
Recorded: 2012-12-11

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Button Factory (song)
The first track of an album all about blue collar nonsense! It's based off of a childhood sing-along from way back.
Recorded: 2009-3-23

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Android Apps
The crazy hand-held Harvtronix creations that you can take with you anywhere.