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The Harvtronix PC
"The Art of Computing"

The Harvtronix PC is a custom, hand-built, desktop computer where attention to detail and artistic beauty are second only to performance.

If you'd like to order a custom-built Harvtronix PC or any of the electronics you see on this site, contact me at pc@harvtronix.com.
Information about pricing, production time, and additional options is available upon request.

"Beryl" Design
- Ultra-small, Mini-ITX chassis design
- External power supply
- Internally painted, all-acrylic encolsure
- Brass accent bolts
- Strategic ventilation with filtered air intakes
- Separately hinged top, front, and sides for easy access
- Harvtronix logo with blue power LED
- "Less fans" design optimized for cool+quiet operation
- More info here
- Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge Processor
- Copper-plated heatsinks for increased heat dissipation
- 8 GB G.SKILL DDR3-1600 RAM CAS Lat: 7 ns
- 512 GB Storage (Dual SSDs in RAID 1 Config); or
- 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD hybrid storage configuration
- Windows 7 or 8 Professional
"Amethyst" Design
- 500GB of storage
- Dual solid-state drives
- RAID 1 configuration
- Helps prevent data loss
- Boosts performance up to 2x

- Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge
- 3.4 GHz clock speed
- Eight logical 64-bit cores
- Integrated full-HD graphics
- Automatic over/underclocking

- Custom LED accents
- Custom EL Wire accents

- Windows 7/8
- 64-bit architecture
- Custom backgrounds
- No useless programs
SlimLine DVD-RW drive -
1080p full-HD playback -
Conserves power and space -

"Less fans" design -
Engineered chassis airflow -
Whisper-quiet SilenX fans -
Lower operating temp -

16GB G.skill DDR3-1333 RAM -
Two 2x4GB DIMM Pairs -
Four aluminum heatsinks -
Cooler operation -

Hand-crafted chassis -
High-gauge, clear acrylic -
Highly transparent design -
Displays inner components -