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Awesome web creations for you to paruse
Daylight Graph
A utility that uses your current location (with your permission) to display the sunrise and sunset times of your area over the last few days.
Dude Man (game)
A Java-based game that's currently under development. Click to follow the progress and try out the latest builds as they are published!
An artifact, feature and defect tracking system for whatever software you may be working on. Requires Java 6 or higher.

Run using: java -jar HArtifax1.0.jar
View in a browser with: http://your.host.name.or.ip:1939/

(Free, single-user version)
Harvtronix OS
A web-based social desktop written from the ground up. Features customizable icons, background, colors, and apps.
Skilled-Handz Magic
Sleight of hand, street magic, illusion and deception, all brought to you by Harvtronix.
A website where video game speed runners can submit, track, and compare their runs and world records.
A a thing-based social network that allows you to log "things" you've done and see what things your friends are doing. You also get suggestions of new things to try and a "to-do" list to keep track of the ones you don't want to forget.

- Visit ThingRater.com (link no longer active)
What I L T
(What I Learned Today)
A micro-posting website with the slogan, "Be smart." Some use it as an opportunity to post sarcastic knowledge about the world in which we live. Others treat it as though you really should learn something new every day!

- Visit whatilt.com (link no longer active)